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A fully immersive mastermind program combining embodied movement & private coaching so you can come home to your natural state of feminine freedom & erotic empowerment. 


Reconnect to the wisdom of your body and go from


What if you could feel total bliss in your body?

What if this bliss connection allowed your truth to flow with ease, and allowed titillation to be a daily occurrence? What if living unapologetically was an option? Shame irradicated. You, fully expressed and owning it, with grace, humility, rapture AND majesty. The way a lioness effortlessly saunters through the savannah. What if you could access reserves of pleasure and sacred sensuality within your body that fuel you from the inside out and feel ahhmaaaazing?  Does this feel like a far stretch to you? Like, sure, that sounds great, but I’m afraid to even try…or yeah, sure, I want that but it’s too late for me…my body is ____(fill in the negative words here). It’s embarrassing to express myself in that way. It’s too scary. That is way out of my reach or comfort zone. Or yes, I would love to feel free, sexy, alive and magnetic, but I think maybe I’ve missed that chance or it’s not for me in this lifetime. Who am I to want or deserve that when I have so many more important things to take care of every day. Who has the time?

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What women are saying

"Supported. Challenged. Pushed. Pulled. Held. Heard. Seen. Understood. Honored. Hugged. Elevated. Inspired. Ignited. Unlocked. Released. (Re)connected. Embodied. These are just some of the ways I'd describe the deeply profound, extraordinarily special and, ultimately, uniquely life-changing experience of working with Erin and Laura. I have had the privilege of working with this dynamic and de-light-full duo in person and online, separately and together, privately and in groups. More than anything else, what consistently shines through every one of those experiences is the unconditional love and unwavering presence that both of these women use as the foundation of their work. Everything shared with Erin and Laura is sacred, creating the ideal safe container for unparalleled growth and healing. The immeasurable inspiration gleaned from our work has helped me to embrace my limitless light - even on the darkest days of a 5 year cancer journey - and expand, seemingly infinitely, into the best and brightest version of myself."

Sally Wolf, Entrepreneur & Speaker

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We are two women who have struggled with body image, lack of confidence, and ownership of our sexual power. We have done all the things. Diets. Therapy. Fads. We have pleased others before ourselves, depleting rather than sourcing. We’ve played by the rules and things didn’t shift. We understand, all too personally, the storylines of That’s Not For Me and I Should Be Happier.


​​Everything shifted. The way we connected with our bodies changed. They became allies, to be honored and nourished lovingly. Temples to be revered. The movement became a way to worship the divine within us, returning us back to the Truth of ourselves. The parts of us that we had fought against for so long became sacred expressions of the Goddess. This moving meditation became our passion. Our highest calling. We knew that the depth and power of the Feminine was accessible through the body. We began to study the mind/body connection more intently, then started seeing and feeling energy. We came to intuitively understand how to guide bodies through resistance with great care, directing them back home to their natural state of grace. We now teach women how to open into higher levels of consciousness, rich aliveness, pure love flow and deep soul connection…  so they can be fully embodied and divinely expressed.


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Erin is a sensual dance instructor, conscious embodiment guide, body reader, love leader and all-around life-nurturing soul coach.


Erin developed The Responsive Body Practice (championing the integration of mind-body-spirit clarity and turn-on, for healing and wholeness) and she creates and leads many women’s circles and playshops. She works with highly intelligent leaders and creative visionaries on their path of vitality and expansion, and supports women on all walks of life who are navigating emotional stressors, reattuning them home to their powerful inner wisdom. Erin has also been an S Factor Instructor for 13+ years, devoted to helping women become fully expressed as emotional erotic beings. She holds a BFA from Syracuse University, and is committed to the ongoing quest for greater knowledge acquired by studying consciousness, presence, meditation, human sexuality, embodiment, energy, spiritual philosophies and more. 

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Body-whisperer, oracle, free-dancer, bliss magnet, spiritual adventuress, cosmic queen, life-force liberator, ecstatic mama, & pleasure advocate.

Laura spent 30 years at odds with her body and completely freaked out by her sexuality, without a clue as to what feminine power was. At 33 she began an epic spiritual journey exploring energy healing, meditative practices, sensual dance, tantra, and a deep devotion to the Divine Feminine Mystery. Laura spent years teaching sensual movement as a certified instructor of S Factor. She is a graduate of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, a Soul Realignment Advanced Practitioner, and she is currently in the final stages of completing a 600+ hour Love, Sex, & Relationship Coaching Certification through Layla Martin's VITA program.  It is her mission to empower women around the world to turn themselves on and light up the planet!


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is a deeply immersive mastermind program for women to safely explore the embodiment of their soul’s truth and awaken into their most empowered sensually connected selves. It is carefully curated to hold 8 women on their personal journeys of self-realization through sacred movement.We combine shared group communion via virtual gatherings with individual private coaching sessions to maximize personal growth.

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A 9 week journey of devotional guidance within a safely held container

4 half-day group workshops for shared experience, communion, movement, exploration and discovery

6 private coaching sessions (3 with Erin, 3 with Laura), with tools and practices, tailored to your needs

2 pop-up group sessions for additional support

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Program schedule



FRI  MARCH 19  |  5–9 pm EST


SAT  APRIL 10  |  2–6 pm EST


FRI  APRIL 30  |  5–9 pm EST


SAT  MAY 22  |  2–6 pm EST

Between each group session, you will have a private session with Laura & a private session with Erin (a total of 6 privates for the duration of the program).

Our spring session is currently full, but if your body is lighting up with a


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Playing small is no longer an option. Your pleasure is non-Negotiable!


Let us guide you into feeling cosmic confidence in your body so you can move through the world as the ripe, delicious, wholly present, divinely feminine being you truly are.